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About us

Thank you for your interested in our products. We look forward to working with your esteemed company in the near future. Here is a brief introduction of our company.

Located in the city of Fuan, northern east of Fujian province, which is well known as"city of electric machinery and appliances of China",Fuan Huachuang Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. (briefly Huachuang) was established in 2003. After 10 years of hard work, Huachuang has now become one of the top motor manufacturers in China.

We have the following advantages:
(1)More than 20 years of experiences in motor manufacturing ( our manager, main technicians had worked in another motor factory for more than 10 years before they established Huachuang);
(2)The wind turbines are developing with a great growth, which have increased by about 20% a year.(3)As one of the top motor manufacturer in China, (Annual output of 150,000 pcs of motors, value USD 5 million);
(4)A full ranges product: more than 210 specifications;
(5)Leading mould and tool designing and manufacturing;
(6)Our products are CCC, CE certified;
(7)ISO 9001:2008 certification;
(8)More than 6 engineers to put out 5-8 new products every year;
(9)More than 90% of our workers have been in the industry beyond 6 years.
(10)Our motors meet IE3 standards.

We are determined to keep the capability to provide the best products with most competitive price to all our customers.

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