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Products Detail
  • Name: WT2500
  • Product No.: WT06(WT48/96 2500)
  • Start-up Wind speed: 3.0m/s (6.5mph)
  • Cut-in Wind speed: 3.5m/s (7.6mph)
  • Rated Wind speed: 12.2m/s (26.5mph)
  • Survival Wind speed: 50m/s (110mph)
  • Rated Output: 2500W
  • Max. Output: 3000W
  • Diameter Of Blades: 2900mm
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1. Adopt high-quality and high-strength permanent materials to ensure high energy conversion efficiency.
2. Adopt high-qualit and high-strength aluminum alloy to make the unit light weight and easy installation.
3. The fiber-glass blades have the advantages of great inrensity and excellent fatigue resistance.
4. Stainless steel shaft and screws to avoid rust and corrosion.
5. And the surface is coated with pollution-free material.Working environmental temperature from -20℃-50℃.
6. Electromagnetic brake is with the function of over-speed and over-current protection.
7. Voltage 48V,96V to be optional.


 Order information

If you want to increase the power of solar panel, please indicate in the contract so that we change the parameter of controller. Otherwise, we shall provide standard configuration.


Number of blades
Flberglass reinforced
Rotor diameter 2.9m/9.6feet
Permanent magnet
brushless alterator
Hybrid solar wind charge
controller LCD display



Wind speed (mph/m/s) Output(W)
Start-up Cut-in Rated Survival Rated Max.
3.0m/s 3.5m/s 12.2m/s 50m/s 2500 3000
6.5mph 7.6mph 26.5mph 110mph


Electromagnetic brake
Over-speed protection
Over-current protection


Pure sinewave inverter
DC48/96 to AC

Tower(Tpye A)

Taper Connecting

Tower(Tpye B)

Flange Connecting
Tower(Tpye C) Pipe & Kits
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